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Executive Board
Carey Landon, Executive Director
Gabriela Gotía, Executive Director
John Holmes, Executive Producer
Anisha Vavilala, Executive Producer
Jessica Lim, Executive Producer
Nicole Frazzini, Education Chair
Caroline Scown, Education Chair
Jenny Langer, Education Chair
Josh Bramble, Events Coordinator
Sunny Reardon, Events Coordinator
Ari Lewis, Marketing Director
Yossi Sachi, Marketing Director
Kayla Allison, Head Choreographer
Isabelle Tersio, Show Chair
The CityStep Company is made up entirely of Penn undergraduate students. Teaching teams of 5-7 Penn undergraduates visit our West Philadelphia partner schools twice a week and work with students ranging from 4th to 8th grade. Each classroom is coordinated by a Head Teacher who serves as a bridge between the Executive Directors, the partner school’s administration, and the members of his or her teaching team.

During each class period, CityStep teachers lead dance workshops, choreography, and improvisation activities. Furthermore, in collaboration with their students, CityStep teachers choreograph the pieces performed in our Annual Show. To prepare for their roles in the classroom, all CityStep teachers participate in teacher training activities and workshops throughout the year. In addition to their biweekly classroom visits, the CityStep Company meets weekly to focus on community-building activities, lesson plan strategies, and dance exploration exercises.

CityStep Company 2017-2018 (NEWBS COMING SOON)

Kayla Allison
Josh Bramble
Carlo Comia
Alisha Chowdhury
Matt Foman
Nicole Frazzini
Gabriela Gotía
John Holmes
Skai Konyha
Carey Landon
Jenny Langer
Ellery Lassiter
Ari Lewis
Emma Li
Ayo Maja
Jodi Marcus
Debbie Rabinovich
Maayan Sacher
Yossi Sachi
Caroline Scown
Andrew Stachel
Isabelle Tersio
Anisha Vavilala